Samsung Galaxy S II: 10 million of the things now shipped

Samsung Galaxy S II: 10 million of the things now shippedSomeone's going to be in line for a bonus this year - and our money's on whoever signed off the Galaxy S II as Samsung's latest flagship because our South Korean friends have just revealed that there are now 10 million of them now out there.

That's no easy feat when you consider the handset has been out only been out five months, and even more so when you realise that its hugely popular predecessor, the Galaxy S, only sold half that amount in the same length of time.

We're not overly surprised at this, though. Here in Blighty, there has been a massive marketing push from the networks and phone suppliers (not disadvantaged by the recent release of the white variant), which is pushing both the Galaxy S II and HTC's Sensation as serious contenders to the iPhone 4.

Indeed, when the Galaxy S II first came out in the early summer, there was actually a shortage in certain high street chains, with one rep telling us they're "like gold dust".

And crucially, the 10 million sales figure doesn't include the US, which is only just getting its hands on the S II in its various forms now, so Samsung can probably prepare itself for a very merry Christmas.

In the meantime, competition's looming in the form of the soon-to-be-announced Nexus Prime. It'll probably be the S II's nearest competitor, with the irony being that Samsung is making the handset on behalf of Google.  Let battle commence.

Via GSM Arena

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