Samsung Galaxy S III WON'T be unveiled on March 22

Samsung Galaxy S III WON'T be unveiled on March 22

Wow. Anyone would think this was an Apple launch. But no, it's good old Samsung this time teasing us about the upcoming Galaxy S III, which looks no nearer to being unveiled after all thanks to official word from the South Koreans.

They've issued a firm rebuttal to the latest rumours suggesting that the latest flagship device would be unveiled on March 22.

We can see where the rumours were coming from. Samsung confirmed the long awaited Galaxy S III wouldn't be unveiled at MWC in Barcelona, meaning the world automatically looked to the next Samsung event that appeared on the horizon, which turned out to be an event scheduled for France next month.

And with techy publications over there receiving invitations to an official event, this gave rise to the inevitable frenzy of speculation.

But thanks to an official denial, we now know that the event is in fact just a standard twice-a-year product showcase - for existing products, that is, not forthcoming ones.

All the same we're still getting pretty damn excited about what to expect since the Galaxy S II is still managing to keep us interested nearly a year after we first saw it and the Galaxy S III promises to be that much better.

Rumours put the successor as being thinner than the S II, coming in at in impressive 7mm in thickness, while still delivering all the quad-core spec highlights we've been salivating over for the past couple of months. And with an on-sale date likely for sometime in May, we're happy to wait as long as it takes to get our first official sighting.

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equ  Feb. 10, 2012 at 00:00

As Samsung make most of Apples components they are probably just making sure the GS3 is bigger and better than what ever Apple order, or am I just cynical lol


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