Samsung Galaxy S4 on course for 80m sales by year’s end

Samsung Galaxy S4 on course for 80m sales by year’s endThe widely reported Samsung Galaxy S4 storage issue doesn’t appear to have affected sales much. JK Shin announced last week that the device had hit 10 million sold (okay, shipped) within one month.

Some analyst guy with a girl’s name for a surname says the Samsung Galaxy S4 might hit 80 million by the end of the year.

I speak of Mark Sue, who writes a bunch of stuff about Samsung Galaxy S4 sales in a love letter to investors.

“Galaxy S-4 demand in the first month of availability has been incrementally better than our estimate of 10M units,” Sue begins. “In comparison, the S-III took nearly 2 months (50 days) to achieve the 10M units mark.

“Our broad-based channel checks at U.S. stores indicate that demand for the 16G S-4 devices remains strong with 32G Black devices mostly sold-out and 32G White devices yet to make it to the stores.

“At this pace, the GS-4 is likely to cross 20M shipments in 2Q13, potentially reaching 80M S-4 unit shipments in CY13.”

Good times. Mark adds that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 might hit shelves in September, while Apple is expected to release an iPhone 5S and iPhone mini this year.

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