Samsung Galaxy S4 accessory prices leaked

Samsung Galaxy S4 accessory prices leakedIf there’s one thing the Samsung Galaxy S4 isn’t short of, it’s pre-orders (they're "off the charts", man). If there’s another thing the Samsung Galaxy S4 isn’t short of, it’s accessories.

The South Koreans are keeping quiet with regards to Samsung Galaxy S4 accessory prices, but a big pile of ‘em have been leaked ahead of the official reveal.

Samsung Galaxy S4 accessories include the HRM belt, an “Effective Running coach” that monitors your heart rate and sends info to your phone via Bluetooth.

There’s also the S Band, described as a “Wellness motivator”. Oh good gawd. As if the Samsung Galaxy S4 being your “Life Companion” wasn’t bad enough. The S Band monitors sleep patterns, calories burned and steps walked, and bullies you into getting skinny.

Thankfully, there are also more traditional Samsung Galaxy S4 accessories, such as the S View Cover (the one with the little display on the front), Flip Cover and Wireless Charging Pad.

Here, according to SamMobile, are a bunch of Samsung Galaxy S4 accessory prices:

  • S Band – $129,99
  • S View Cover – $69,99 (Week 14)
  • Wireless Charging Pad / Cover – $49,99 (Week 17)
  • Flip Cover – $34,99 (Week 14)
  • Pouch – $59,99 (Week 15)
  • Protective Cover+ – $19,99 (Week 14)
  • Headset – $29,99 (Week 15)
  • Extra Battery Kit – $29,99 (Week 15)
  • HRM – $79,99 (Week 15)
  • Body Scale – $129,99 (Week 15)
  • Game Pad – $99,99 (July)

As for the Samsung Galaxy S4 release date, it's currently pegged for April 26.

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