Samsung Galaxy S4 Active to get processor, LTE-A, camera and storage upgrade in Korea?

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active to get processor, LTE-A, camera and storage upgrade in Korea?Word on the street suggests the much-discussed Samsung Galaxy S5 launch will go down sooner rather than later, perhaps as early as next month.

As such, it’d be completely stupid for Samsung to upgrade its water- and dust-resistant Galaxy S4 Active handset in its home territory of Korea, right? Right?

WRONG. Samsung, the world’s top mobile and smartphone manufacturer, will do anything it bloody well pleases, and essentially that amounts to launching 500 phones each and every week (slight exaggeration).

Specifically, we’re told to expect a shiny new Samsung Galaxy S4 Active with a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor (a step up from the Qualcomm Snapdragon 600), LTE-Advanced connectivity, and a 13MP rear camera (compared to 8MP on the original).

Furthermore, the new Samsung Galaxy S4 Active’s storage will be doubled from 16GB to 32GB, though the original had microSD anyways.

All in all, you’re looking at an admittedly enticing prospect… in all likelihood touching down just as the Samsung Galaxy S5 launches. Oh, Samsung. You never cease to impress us.

For my money, manufacturers should be taking a page out of Sony’s book and making their flagships ruggedised – or at least waterproof – by default, instead of churning out confusing Active-style variants. But that’d make far too much sense, I guess, and Samsung sure didn't get to Number 1 by limiting its output.

via: Engadget

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