Samsung Galaxy S4 sales?

How is the Samsung Galaxy S4 selling? I've heard mixed stories - it's selling tens of millions, but it's selling less than expected and sales are tapering off?

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JanSt / MOD  Jul. 29, 2013 at 08:24

Smartphone sales growth is coming to a halt... well, slowing down, definitely.
No doubt about it. Times are over when people wanted the next greatest thing, and who can blame them? The next best thing is starting to look more and more like last quarter's big thing. A year ago, you could buy a new release, play with it and sell it on without much loss if you didn't like it. That is over, too. If you can sell at all, you most likely sell at a big loss.

Lack of innovation aside: there is the rotten economy. Even the most deluded now start to feel the pain.

As to the specific sales numbers? Who knows? OEMs usually talk about units shipped. If they say "sold" they usually mean "sold to networks" and other retailers.
Other figures are derived from web browsing analytics. Not very accurate.

Add bias to the mix. We know Wall St and its media stooges aren't Apple fans. So, no matter how many devices Apple sell, Apple "in trouble" doom reports. Samsung may be on a similar sh*tlist?! Wall St is about betting on future performance. And that is currently not easy. Because it's either too obvious (as in, hey, who doesn't know the next iPhone will sell a trillion times?), or not exciting enough etc etc ... I'm simplifying, of course.

Anyhoo, I see quite a lot of people and their phones in my real world job, and I still haven't seen any SGS4 owners. But then again: I'm in Ireland - economy here is extremely bad. Extremely!!!


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