Samsung Galaxy S4 signal problems

I generally get low signal problems on my Samsung Galaxy S4. Originally assumed it was the network (Three). But:- I put my SIM in someone elses phone and the signal was fine. They put their SIM in my phone and the signal wasn't as good.

Question is:- does that mean faulty phone or is it just the Samsung Galaxy S4 doesn't get as good signal as some other phones?

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JanSt / MOD  Nov. 19, 2014 at 11:06

Maybe, normal. It's just not something that reviewers mention these days cause they either live in ma's WiFi-ed basement or in 4G/WiFi offices...
But if YOU generally get NO 3G at all where everyone else on the same network has no problem (everyone with an SGS4, that is...)- then your device may be faulty. But beware: your vendor will try to replicate the fault before a warranty repair. So: try the device in a number of places. Ideally, in the network store where you bought it...
There are, in fact massive differences.
The Htc One M8 consistently picks up good 3G in parts of my neighborhood where close to a hundred phones I tried out do not get any 3G.
The iPhone 5S was similar with regards to WiFi.

It sounds as though your Galaxy works just fine - but some phones work better in that aspect.
Not more I can say without trying your devices in different places...


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