Samsung Galaxy S4 Sprint Lollipop update

How good is Sprint with Android updates? Should I expect the Samsung Galaxy S4 Lollipop update at the same time as other providers or...?

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JanSt / MOD  Nov. 20, 2014 at 00:58

From what I have read, Sprint is usually not so bad when it comes to Android updates.
Is that true? I do not know. There are always people who make bad experiences...

Anyhow: lets be clear: the Lollipop aka Android 5 update is only partly Sprint's problem.
Google and Samsung let Sprint's engineer test the firmware, but Sprint doesn't 'make' the ROM!
That, of course gets harder, because the Galaxy S4 is not pure Android. nor is Kitkat on the SGS4! Samsung brand Android, pack Samsung apps and services in etc...
There have been Samsung Galaxy models that received updates not over days or weeks. But over more than a year!!!! One reason is Samsung's Touchwiz overlay. The other big reason is that Samsung releases dozens over Galaxy models and model variants per year. It's relatively easy to flood the market with hardware. Supporting that hardware with software updates or fixes? Whoa.... there's responsibility. There are long-term costs that eat into Sammy's profits.

I could go on and on, and by no means is Samsung the only guilty party.

Be that as it may: rumour is, Sprint customers can expect the Lollipop Update for their Galaxy S4 in March or April 2015. =>

Mind you: there's always a chance that it's not happening.
The short history of Android devices teaches one lesson: if you want Android x, y or z, buy a phone with x, y or z. Do not fall for the promise of that next big update.

On a personal note: I could twist the nipples of reviewers who say things like, "our model has cr*ppy voice quality, but we're told the update after the next update will probably maybe fix that. 10/10" No, review YOUR device. Do not hook readers on the future!!!


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