Samsung Galaxy S4 wifi disconnects

My Samsung Galaxy S4 keeps disconnecting from wifi. Other devices are fine as far as I can tell. Is the Samsung Galaxy S4 known for being sucky on wifi?

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JanSt / MOD  Nov. 20, 2014 at 23:40

Your problems are a known issue of the Samsung Galaxy S4 after the Android 4.4.2 update: inconsistent WiFi connectivity.
It seems different users were successful with a number of different 'fixes'.
One problem is that Kitkat played with some Galaxys' time zone settings. When the phone and the wifi router are on different time zones, you get problems.So, check that your SGS4 has the correct time and date settings.

Another problem seems related to the phone's Hotspot app.

A possible fix here:

Go to phone's Settings, then:

2. Go to More Settings and tap on Mobile Hotspot.

3. Select the Mobile Hotspot option, but do not turn it on.

4. instead, click on the Configure and then set your Hotspot setting.

5. Now open Google play store and download the Hotspot app.

6. That app will add a widget to your widget drawer.

7. Now add this Hotspot widget to the phone’s home screen.

8. Turn on the toggle widget and if you see any pop-up window, then cancel it by pressing Home button.

[the Hotspot Solution comes courtesy of technobezz.com]

PS: I have not tried any of those solutions. I only used the SGS5 for a few minutes. ;)


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