The Samsung Galaxy S5 you want, but will never own

The Samsung Galaxy S5 you want, but will never ownSo, top criticisms of the Samsung Galaxy S5?

Yes, yes, it's a very good smartphone and all that, but if you were forced to have a grumble in the light of what's appeared since its arrival locally in April, you'd probably go with it having only a full HD display (as opposed to QHD), the Snapdragon 801 CPU inside (instead of a newer S805) and having to 'make do' with 2GB of RAM (vs 3GB).

Now you know where this is going: all three were covered off last week with the announcement in South Korea of the Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE-A, which as the same suggests also throws in support for the very fastest of 4G networks out in the Far East.

You probably also know that Samsung has pretty much ruled out any chance of us seeing it internationally, telling Android Central: “At this moment, there is no specific plan to provide the product to the global market.”

But now, just to rub things in, we see Korean network KT is offering a Special Edition of the Galaxy S5 LTE-A that also addresses another aspect of the GS5 many owners aren't exactly blown away by.

Check out the pic above and you'll spot that the KT version of Samsung's favourite gets rid of the dimpled rear shell for a far better looking – surely you must agree – diamond pattern.

Make no mistake, we're sure it's still the exact same material making up the shell itself, but it does look better – plus of course it's different to the standard model.

Which – just to remind you – would be the only model of Samsung Galaxy S5 we're likely to ever actually lay eyes on here in the UK.

Via Android Authority

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JanSt / MOD  Jun. 23, 2014 at 16:59

Still looks tacky. I hate Samsung's use of fake metal. Especially around the camera and that awful home button thingy. Moto G, many Lumias etc etc... They all get by without fake metal trim...


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