Samsung Galaxy S5 Experience app: you willllll buy a Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5 Experience app: you willllll buy a Samsung Galaxy S5Over on Google Play, Samsung Mobile has fired up a little something called the Galaxy S5 Experience app, much like it did with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 last year.

Before you go getting all excited, don’t expect any sort of emulation of, y’know, the Galaxy S5 “experience”; it’s really just an ad for the upcoming smartphone, with – oddly – 744 five-star reviews. FIVE STARS?

The Samsung Galaxy S5 Experience app offers, in its own words, an “interactive introduction” to the Galaxy S5.

The five main sections are:

  • Interactive experience modes offered in an intuitive way
  • Video clips of key features (linked to YouTube)
  • Experience design with different colors and angles
  • Introduction of Gear 2 and Fit main features
  • Introduction of GALAXY S5's key accessories

As for those five-star reviews, let’s listen to some standout users:

  • Mind blowing. Thumps up to Samsung for producing such a brilliant app. Incredibly beautiful, sophisticated.” – mani baloni
  • S5 is the next big thing Thank you for saving countless hours on internet research :)” – Sonny Yeum
  • Love it S5 is the best mobile ever .. I would love to experience it using this app.” – Karam Darwish
  • Wow.Empressive.Brilliant. This is the most delightful app that ever downloaded.I am Android developer, and I want to make this kind of app later.Brilliant!” - 이서준

And so on and so forth. Of course, there are plenty of one-star reviews too, including “Errr”, “Fail”, “What the hell is this?”,”Dreadful”, “Wtf”, and – my personal favourite – “SH*TSUNG”.

Incredible stuff. Needless to say, feel free to pitch in with your own Galaxy S5 Experience reviews below.

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