Samsung Galaxy S5 launch date: February 24? The yeas and nays

Samsung Galaxy S5 launch date: February 24? The yeas and naysThe Samsung Galaxy S5 launch date has long been discussed, and the South Koreans seemingly put the whole thing to rest last week with an invite to an event on February 24, the first day of this year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC).

However, the Unpacked5 invite doesn’t specifically mention the Samsung Galaxy S5 launch, and as such I figured I’d weigh up the yeas and nays. Should we really expect the flagship to drop on February 24, or is something a little… off?

Let’s start with the nays. Ready? Let’s rock!

NAY! We only got three weeks’ notice

Is it just me or does three weeks’ notice not seem like much for a spanking new Samsung Galaxy S? You know what Samsung’s like.

Having said that, I’ve looked back and realised that Samsung gave us just two weeks’ notice for the Galaxy S3 and S4 launches.

Er, quickly moving on! I'll make the other nays extra cynical, promise.

NAY! Where’s the fanfare?

In the build-up to the Samsung Galaxy S4 launch, we had to endure all manner of cringe-worthy promotional material, the most offensive – for my money – being the video-based suggestion that the S4 would be “one of the most exciting products to hit the market since TVs went colour.

Now, with only 13 days to go till the supposed Galaxy S5 launch, we’ve barely heard a peep from Samsung. EDIT: okay, there may have been some recent 5-related teasing.

Similarly, last year’s launch event was a completely outrageous affair, an all-singing all-dancing Times Square-based vom-a-thon. Are we supposed to believe that Samsung will ditch all that and instead unveil the Galaxy S5 at a trade show?

NAY! It’s not even the day before MWC

Ok, so maybe I can get my head around the notion of the Samsung Galaxy S5 launch going down at MWC, but there’s a long-standing tradition for the bigger manufacturers to hold exclusive swanky events the day before the conference gets underway proper.

This year, we’re told, Samsung will slum it with the rest of the countless other manufacturers, and simply launch the Galaxy S5 on the opening day.

Essentially, we’ve gone from completely over-the-top, to insanely modest. Really?

YEA! No one enjoyed the Samsung Galaxy S4 launch

I haven’t exactly gone out and conducted a poll here, but it’s probably fair to say you could count on one hand the number of people who genuinely enjoyed the Samsung Galaxy S4 launch. It featured a TAP-DANCING CHILD, for cripes’ sakes.

How many people do you think we were sitting on the fence, only to say: “Y’know, I wasn’t sure about the Samsung Galaxy S4, but a Broadway launch with a tap-dancing kid has really sealed the deal.”

On the contrary, I’m sure a lot of people were put off by Samsung’s ludicrous fanfare. For me, it was far worse than Apple’s vague smugness.

And heck, the Samsung Galaxy S4 wasn’t even that big a deal in the end, putting the focus firmly on memory-devouring software features. Samsung over-promised and under-delivered, which possibly explains the lower-than-expected sales.

Here's to a comparatively modest Samsung Galaxy S5 launch.

YEA! The timing is right

We’ve repeatedly been told, unofficially, that the Samsung Galaxy S5 launch is being brought forward on account of lower-than-expected Galaxy S4 sales, but the latter launched on March 14 – almost one year ago; 12 months historically being Samsung’s preferred flagship refresh cycle.

In layman’s terms: we’re due a new Samsung Galaxy S.

YEA! It’s called Unpacked5

The invites to Samsung’s February 24 launch event tell us the event is called Unpacked5.

And while Samsung told The Verge: “We can't tell you what '5' means", there’s surely only one thing it could mean. Yep, Samsung Galaxy S5.

As much as I’d like to believe it’s a red herring (I'd love to see five Tizen devices, for example, and Samsung shrugging as if to say: "What did you expect?"), I reckon Samsung is aware that the Galaxy S4 launch theatrics didn’t do it any favours, and is treading comparatively lightly this year.


For what it’s worth, I’ll say: “YEA!” The Samsung Galaxy S5 launch will almost certainly go down on February 24, but don’t expect anything like last year’s nonsense (phew).

Hopefully the South Koreans will let the Samsung Galaxy S5 speak for itself.

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