Samsung Galaxy S5 mini spotted sneaking into India?

Samsung Galaxy S5 mini spotted sneaking into India?The Samsung Galaxy S5 isn’t released for another few weeks yet, but it’s very much a real thing, and that means the obligatory variants probably aren’t far behind.

One of those is the Samsung Galaxy S5 mini, and it’s maybe possibly been spotted on its way into India for testing purposes.

Credit goes to import/export tracker Zauba, which lists eight units of something called the “SM-G870A SAMSUNG SMART PHONE” making their way from South Korea for “R & D PURPOSE”.

There’s nothing in particular to suggest that this might be the Samsung Galaxy S5 mini, certainly no specs or screenshots to mull over, but the interwebs are abuzz.

That’s because the price ratio between the Samsung Galaxy S5 and this mysterious SM-G870A chap is similar to that of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S4 mini. Hmm.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 mini’s existence was first mentioned back in January, and it’s expected to launch in June. Still a quarter of a year to go, obviously, and inevitably we’ll hear lots more in the coming months.

Last year's Samsung Galaxy S4 mini wasn’t actually so mini. Indeed, at 4.3in, it was the same size as the Samsung Galaxy S2. With the Samsung Galaxy S5 creeping to 5.1in, we reckon the Samsung Galaxy S5 mini will likely measure 4.5in.

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