Samsung Galaxy S5 mini pics and specs leak: good, not great

Samsung Galaxy S5 mini pics and specs leak: good, not greatWe haven't heard too much about the Samsung Galaxy S5 mini recently, but rest assured: it's definitely coming.

Whether it makes it onto the schedule for tomorrow's Galaxy Premiere 2014 event remains to be seen, but for now we have a glut of new pics and some confirmed specs to tide us over.

The latest helping of Galaxy S5 mini leakage is brought to us by SamMobile, and is the work of the ever-mysterious “anonymous tipster”.

But there's no mystery about what the images show: the Samsung Galaxy S5 mini, up close and personal. The most interesting shots are of the S5 mini next to its full-sized brother, where it does actually come across as miniature despite the screen size being a definitely-not-small 4.5in (and not the 4.7in we heard rumours about a couple of months ago).

There's also a bunch of screenshots showing AnTuTu and CPU-Z results, which reveal more about the Galaxy S5 mini's hardware specs.

That 4.5in display will be a 720p Super AMOLED panel with Gorilla Glass 3, while on the inside is a Samsung Exynos 3470 quad-core processor running at 1.4GHz, with a Mali-400 GPU handling the graphics.

You also get 1.5GB of RAM, 16GB of storage (expandable), plus 8MP/2.1MP cameras, both capable of full HD video capture. Other hardware features include a fingerprint scanner and a heart rate scanner, and IP67 water and dust protection. Needless to say, Android 4.4.2 KitKat is the OS, overlaid with Samsung's good ole TouchWiz skin.

So all told, improvements over the current Galaxy S4 mini are headed by a larger display offering a better resolution, and a jump from dual-core to quad-core on the processor front. Beyond that, though, this doesn't seem to be a massive step up on last year's model, which was announced nearly 13 months ago now.

For Samsung's sake let's hope the price is decent.

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JanSt / MOD  Jun. 11, 2014 at 19:03

Prefer the looks of the Mini 3 and 4... other than that? Meh...
And can't the UN ban Touchwiz? Send a team of Weapons Inspectors to Korea,,, Take the stuff away from them? For fr*ggin' world peace of mind!!!


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