Samsung Galaxy S5 selling significantly faster than Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S5 selling significantly faster than Galaxy S4April 11, last Friday, marked the release of the Samsung Galaxy S5 in a whopping 125 countries, and of course what we all want to know is: how well is the thing selling?

According to an early report from out of South Korea, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is – in some territories – more than doubling initial sales of the Galaxy S4.

We’re looking at a Google translation of a ZDNet Korea article, which says the average first-day Samsung Galaxy S5 sales were 1.3 times more than those of the Galaxy S4 back in 2013.

In our home territory of Europe, some countries recorded more than twice as many sales compared to last year. The picture above shows - somewhat ironically - Apple-style queues in France.

Ultimately, Samsung’s concern isn’t about sales; it’s about being able to supply enough Galaxy S5s to meet the incredible demand.

Inevitably Samsung will let us know when the Samsung Galaxy S5 hits 10 million sold (or shipped, if you prefer). The Samsung Galaxy S3 took 50 days to hit that particular landmark, while the Galaxy S4 achieved the same feat in less than a month.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is only marginally bigger than the Galaxy S4 (5.1in vs. 5in), but throws in – among other things – a heart rate monitor, fingerprint scanner, resistance to dust and water, and an enhanced camera.

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matt101101 / MOD  Apr. 14, 2014 at 11:45

Apparently the display, despite being very similar on paper, is much improved in the S5, when compared to the S4.

I read some very in depth analysis of the display the other week, the conclusion was that it's about the best display to date which has been fitted to a phone.

lcurdie / MOD  Apr. 14, 2014 at 12:03

More here ;)


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