Samsung Galaxy S5 specs: flexible display, 64-bit CPU, 16MP camera, giant battery?

Samsung Galaxy S5 specs: flexible display, 64-bit CPU, 16MP camera, giant battery?The rumour mill proposes that Samsung, taken aback by lower-than-expected Galaxy S4 sales, will bring forward the launch of the inevitable Galaxy S5 flagship, launching it in early Q1.

That’s the story we’re hearing again from out east, with the proposed spec sheet accompanied by the notion of a high-end and “mass market” Galaxy S5, as well as a cheeky companion device.

Diving straight into Samsung Galaxy S5 specs, ETNews tells us to expect a premium Samsung Galaxy S5 with a metal case and flexible display. It’ll be curved, but - like the Samsung Galaxy Round - won’t be user bendable as such.

There’ll also be – supposedly – a “mass market” Samsung Galaxy S5 without the flexible display and in plain old plastic.

Just a thought here, but the flexible Samsung Galaxy S5 could be the first in Samsung's new premium Galaxy F line. Samsung Galaxy F5, anyone? You heard it here first.

In either case (pun intended; metal or plastic), further Samsung Galaxy S5 specs will include a 5in display (1080p or above), 64-bit octo-core processor, 16MP rear camera, 3GB of RAM and a colossal 4,000mAh battery.

Samsung Galaxy S5 production is tipped to get underway in January, hitting mass production in February.

As such, it’s probably safe to infer that the Samsung Galaxy S5 launch will go down in January, with the Samsung Galaxy S5 release date falling in February. Probably.

In addition, the Samsung Galaxy S5 could be joined onstage by – wait for it – a Samsung Galaxy Gear 2, which pretty much no one is crying out for. Heck, even Samsung has admitted that the original Galaxy Gear was pretty rubbish.

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