Samsung Galaxy S5 UK pre-orders officially begin March 28

Samsung Galaxy S5 UK pre-orders officially begin March 28We’ve already had Samsung Galaxy S5 pre-registration (shouldn’t that just be registration?); it’s time to crank things up a notch to Samsung Galaxy S5 pre-order status.

If you’re keen to grab yourself a Samsung Galaxy S5 at launch, the virtual queue officially begins on March 28 in the UK.

That’s the story direct from Samsung, with the accompanying press release inviting Galaxy S5 pre-orders at “selected retailers, Samsung e-store and Stratford Westfield Experience Store”.

The global Samsung Galaxy S5 release date is of course April 11, so you’ll have two weeks to wait after placing your pre-order.

“We wanted to give our customers in the UK the chance to get their hands on the next generation of our Galaxy S smartphone as soon as possible by giving them the option to pre-order,” bawls Simon Stanford, VP of Samsung’s IT & Mobile division for the UK & Ireland.

“With the Galaxy S5, we’ve very much focused on the features that our customers want and will use the most on a day to day basis, and look forward to hearing what they think when they get their new device.”

Interestingly, there’s still no mention of Samsung Galaxy S5 price. Rumour has it Samsung is aiming to price the S5 lower than the Galaxy S4 was at launch, though that might apply specifically to contracts.

Meanwhile, Unlocked Mobiles has garnered an outrageous amount of global publicity, taking a stab in the dark with Samsung Galaxy S5 SIM free price set at £549.98.

Customers in the US will receive an incredible $600 worth of subscription freebies, but it’s not clear which “Samsung Gifts” we’ll get in the UK.

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