Samsung Galaxy S5 variant specs leaked: S5 mini or S5 Neo?

Samsung Galaxy S5 variant specs leaked: S5 mini or S5 Neo?Here’s a bit of a strange one. We’re looking at some leaked specs for a Samsung Galaxy phone, but we’re really not sure what the heck it is.

The front-runners are the Samsung Galaxy S5 mini and Galaxy S5 Neo, two still-unofficial-but-oft-rumoured handsets. Let’s take a closer look.

Credit goes to Dutch site Galaxy Club, which relays word of a user agent profile for something called the Samsung SM-G750.

SM-G750 specs include a 2.3GHz processor, a clock speed often associated with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800, a step down from the spanking new Snapdragon 801 found on the Samsung Galaxy S5 obviously, but still a more than capable CPU.

The SM-G750’s resolution is 720p, again a step down from the Samsung Galaxy S5’s 1080p, though there’s no mention of diagonal measurements here.

As for the operating system, it’s Jelly Bean Android 4.3 on board at the moment, but presumably it’ll be upgraded to KitKat Android 4.4 prior to launch.

The whole thing has us wondering: just how different will the Samsung Galaxy S5 mini and Galaxy S5 Neo be? Might they be the same phone? Knowing Samsung, not bloody likely.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 goes on sale on April 11, and the avalanche of variants, also including the Samsung Galaxy S5 Zoom, is expected to follow shortly thereafter.

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