Samsung Galaxy S6: CES launch, Edge variant?

Samsung Galaxy S6: CES launch, Edge variant?The Galaxy S6 launch could be a matter of weeks away, and as such we’ve had no shortage of S6 spec rumours, and not forgetting a doctored picture of the Galaxy Alpha cheekily masquerading as Samsung’s next flagship.

This latest rumour suggests the Samsung Galaxy S6 launch has been brought forward to CES 2015 next month, and that we’ll meet a variant with an Edge display.

That’s the story over at G 4 Games, with credit going to Korean publication (kindly posted in English) Naver.

Supposedly the Samsung Galaxy S6 launch will go down on January 6 at CES 2015. That’d perhaps be a little earlier than expected, since the Galaxy S5 launched at Mobile World Congress in February 2014.

The big story here is that the Samsung Galaxy S6 will arrive alongside an Edge variant, akin to the Galaxy Note Edge that was introduced alongside the Galaxy Note 4 at IFA in September this year.

Essentially the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge will have an additional portion of display down the right hand side, where users can view notifications, keep shortcuts to apps, and display “live information” (as Samsung calls it) for stocks, sports, news, etc.

The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge was initially said to be a “limited edition” device, however it was successful enough to warrant an official release in the US and the UK - among other territories.

Supposedly Samsung is aiming to shift 45 million units of the Samsung Galaxy S6, with 10 million of those being the Edge model. Is that a tad optimistic? Or perhaps you're salivating at the prospect of an S6 Edge? Let us know below.

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