Samsung Galaxy S6 chassis revealed in all its iPhone 6-like glory

Samsung Galaxy S6 chassis revealed in all its iPhone 6-like gloryIn the past few days we’ve discussed the Samsung Galaxy S6 launch date, Samsung Galaxy S6 price, and Samsung Galaxy S6 colours. Phew! Ready for more?

Here we turn our attention back to Samsung Galaxy S6 design, seeing what’s purportedly the Galaxy S6’s metal chassis looking not unlike that of a rather popular rival.

Credit goes to French-language, which prides itself on being generally quite reliable. Salt? Just a sprinkle.

The Frenchies play host to a whole range of Samsung Galaxy S6 pictures, seemingly confirming a metal chassis. Indeed, it was that shared pics of the metal Samsung Galaxy S6 earlier this year.

So we have a metal Samsung Galaxy S6, for starters. That seems to be the consensus, and it’s widely expected to be joined by a Samsung Galaxy Edge (as hinted at in the launch event invite).

The other point of note here is that the bottom of the Samsung Galaxy S6 looks remarkably like the iPhone 6, down to the positioning of the headphone jack, charging port and speaker grill.

The presence of a SIM slot on the side of the Samsung Galaxy S6 also suggests it might have a unibody design and non-removable battery.

Finally, getting really pernickety, it looks like the LED flash and presumed heart rate monitor will sit to the side of the Samsung Galaxy S6’s rear camera, while they sit beneath the rear shooter of the Galaxy S5.

Plenty of Samsung Galaxy S6 rumour goodness to chew on for now, and only three weeks on Sunday till we get the full story. Excited?

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