Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge production issues rumoured

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge production issues rumouredIt’s the rumour that accompanies the production of many a major smartphone and tablet, though occasionally smoke does indeed indicate fire.

We’re hearing that Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge production is proving troublesome, and as such the phone might be available in limited quantities at launch, with supply ultimately failing to meet demand. 

Credit goes to Ars Technica, which in turn credits “a source at one of Samsung's mobile carrier partners in Europe who spoke to Ars Technica under the condition of anonymity”.

The source begins by saying that Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge price will be “exorbitant”, which is pretty much what we were expecting, the latter – the S6 Edge – obviously being a little more expensive than the already-expensive S6.

But the interesting part is the suggestion that “carriers are struggling to get their hands on enough stock of the curved Galaxy S6”, leading to the inference that the South Korean manufacturer might be struggling with yield.

Of course, this dual Edge display technology is relatively new, so it makes sense that there might be teething problems, certainly at first. The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge launched last year in limited quantities with a single Edge display.

Having said all that, the source adds that “only one third” of the Galaxy S6 models being shipped are the Galaxy S6 Edge, which actually sounds pretty generous to us.  For starters, it’s a hella weird phone, and there’s the lofty price to consider, too.

Are you eagerly anticipating the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S6? If so, could you be tempted by the unorthodox – and more expensive – Galaxy S6 Edge?

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