When is the Samsung Galaxy S6 not the Galaxy S6? When it’s the Galaxy Alpha

When is the Samsung Galaxy S6 not the Galaxy S6? When it’s the Galaxy AlphaThe Samsung Galaxy S6 rumours are flying thick and fast, with most whispers concurring that it’ll have top-of-the-range specs (surprise, surprise).

The design, however, is somewhat of a mystery for now, and indeed a purported Samsung Galaxy S6 pic turns out to be nothing more than a doctored pic of the Galaxy Alpha.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 picture materialised earlier in the week, predictably doing the rounds across the cyber-web.

It claimed to show the Samsung Galaxy S6 design in all its glory, with the results of Project Zero – the South Koreans going “back to the drawing board” – yielding a familiar Samsung-style smartphone, with minimal bezels.

Alas, the faker has been caught out by the sleuths at French-language site nowhereelse (translated). You mean it’s not the Samsung Galaxy S6? Sacré bleu! Said, er, pretty much no one.

We were right to be sceptical, as the Samsung Galaxy S6 picture has been doctored – and not doctored particularly well – from a shot of the Samsung Galaxy Alpha.

There’s absolutely no doubt that the hand in both pictures is the same, from the fingers to the chubbiness below the thumb overlapping slightly with the bottom right of the device.

And that’s the end of that. What does the Galaxy S6 look like? Only Samsung knows the answer to that for now, but there’s a good chance it’ll share as soon as Mobile World Congress (MWC) in February.

In the meantime, we’re pretty much guaranteed loads more Galaxy S6 leaks, and this story goes to show why we should always be liberal with the salt.

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JanSt / MOD  Dec. 13, 2014 at 12:35

So it would appear Samsung goes on as usual - trying to save its mobile division with some new letters, digits and a good dose of business as usual?


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