Samsung Galaxy S6 launch preview

Samsung Galaxy S6 launch preview

Yesterday I penned HTC One M9 launch preview: six things we think we know, and now we turn our attention to the other big Android flagship launching this Sunday at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2015, the Samsung Galaxy S6.

Just over a month ago I penned Samsung Galaxy S6 specs, features, release date: six things we think we know, but it’s remarkable how much has changed since then. Seriously, there’s enough new gossip to fill, well, a 900-word feature!

I think the easiest thing to do, is to take the six things from the previous feature, update what we know (or think we know), and throw in a bunch of new stuff.

Ready? Let’s rock!

1. The Samsung Galaxy S6 will have a metal body

The Samsung Galaxy S6 was previously rumoured to have an all-metal unibody construction, but our expectations have changed over the past few weeks.

We’re now expecting a metal trim and glass rear, as hinted at in a couple of official Samsung Galaxy S6 teaser videos (1, 2).

Voiceover man: "I am crafted from the beautiful things I see around me. They shape who I am. I am The Next Galaxy." That particular video featured loads of windows.

Voiceover lady: “Tomorrow, metals will flow; beauty will be powerful; borders will disappear; reflections will be free; colours will live; the future will be the present.”

Why glass? Well, one of the other headline features of the Samsung Galaxy S6 could be wireless charging, which obviously wouldn’t be possible if the S6 was all-metal.

Samsung Galaxy S6 launch preview2. The Samsung Galaxy S6 will be exclusively Exynos-powered

I wasn’t too sure about this one back in January, but Qualcomm has actually come out and confirmed that it’s lost one major flagship smartphone. The Californian chipmaker didn’t mention Samsung or the Galaxy S6 by name, but we all know that’s the case.

Qualcomm later added that the relationships it has aren’t defined by one single phone. Reading between the lines: expect to see Qualcomm processors in future Samsung phones.

As for the Galaxy S6, it’s tipped to be powered by Samsung’s own Exynos 7420.

3. The Samsung Galaxy S6 will have top-of-the-range specs

Yeah, we’re still expecting Samsung Galaxy S6 specs to tick all the high-end boxes, including a QHD resolution (2560 x 1440), 3GB of RAM, and 20MP rear camera with optical image stabilisation (OIS).

The major development over the past few weeks is the suggestion that the Samsung Galaxy S6 battery will be just 2,600mAh, a step down from the 2,800mAh Galaxy S5, and on par with 2013’s Galaxy S4.

That’s likely so Samsung can keep the Galaxy S6 super-slim, a concern held by, well, pretty much no one. ALWAYS THROW IN A BIG FAT BATTERY, you maniacs.

In fact, the worry here is that the 2,600mAh battery might struggle to fuel the Galaxy S6’s QHD display, in all its 3.7 million-pixel glory. Fingers crossed that the Exynos 7420 is super-efficient; Samsung will likely improve Ultra Power Saving Mode, too.

Samsung Galaxy S6 launch preview4. The Samsung Galaxy S6 will run near-stock Android

When we first heard that Samsung Galaxy S6 TouchWiz (the manufacturer’s unique UI) would be trimmed down to Nexus 6-level stock, we thought it was too good to be true. The South Koreans can’t seem to resist throwing in every conceivable bell and whistle.

But wait! A follow-up story claims Samsung Galaxy S6 TouchWiz is “amazingly fast”, and many apps are tipped to be downloadable rather than preloaded. If this is true, we will literally give a standing ovation on Sunday. Maybe.

Oh, and how about a free Office 365 subscription as standard? Cheers, Microsoft!

5. It’ll be joined by the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

There was never really much doubt about the existence of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, since it’s almost the logical evolution of the Galaxy Note Edge. The South Koreans will logically want to try something “different” after the lacklustre Galaxy S5, too.

In the past months we’ve witnessed the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge set a record-high benchmark result, while mobile networks are reportedly enamoured with the S6 Edge's design – more so than the iPhone 6.

6. The Samsung Galaxy S6 will launch in March at Mobile World Congress

Yep! It’s confirmed. Samsung is holding a launch event on March 1 in Barcelona, and while it’s simply referring to the phone as the “Next Galaxy”, we all know it’ll be the Galaxy S6. What else? A new Samsung Galaxy Ace would be hilarious, but… no. That’s just silly.

Samsung Galaxy S6 launch preview7. Samsung Galaxy S6 colours

We’re told the Samsung Galaxy S6 will come in four colours, namely dark blue, blue-green, gold and white. And, er, that’s the end of that. I’ve no idea how I manged to stretch that particular story to 250 words.

8. Samsung Galaxy S6 release date

A leaked internal Samsung communication reveals a vacation blackout period of March 22 to March 30. Reading between the lines, that period will likely encompass the Samsung Galaxy S6 release date.

It’s not clear when exactly the Samsung Galaxy S6 will be released, but we’re throwing a few coins on Friday, March 27. Er, just because.

9. Samsung Galaxy S6 price

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is tipped to carry a suitably premium price, with the Galaxy S6 Edge essentially carrying a €100 surcharge.

Rumoured Samsung Galaxy S6 prices look like this:

  • Samsung Galaxy S6 32GB price: 749 Euros (£550)
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 64GB price: 849 Euros (£622)
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 128GB price: 949 Euros (£695)
  • Samsung Galaxy S Edge 32GB price: 849 Euros (£622)
  • Samsung Galaxy S Edge 64GB price: 949 Euros (£695)
  • Samsung Galaxy S Edge 128GB price: 1049 Euros (£768)

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