Samsung Galaxy S6: MWC 2015 launch, two models?

Samsung Galaxy S6: MWC 2015 launch, two models?Well, the Samsung Galaxy S6 didn’t show face at CES 2015 after all (surprise, surprise), and various sources suggest the South Koreans still aren’t quite settled on a final design.

This latest Samsung Galaxy S6 rumour pretty much reiterates everything we’ve heard to date, including the possibility of a metal design and likelihood of an Edge variant, while suggesting it’ll launch at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in March.

We’re perusing Business Insider here, which manages to ramble on for several hundred words despite delivering almost no new information, with credit predictably going to anonymous “sources familiar with the company's plans”.

For starters: “Samsung will reveal two variations of its next flagship phone, the Galaxy S6”. Yep, that’s what we’ve been hearing for weeks now, with that second variant being an Edge model akin to the Galaxy Note Edge that launched alongside the Note 4 in September. It’s not clear if it’ll have one Edge display, or push the boat out with two – left and right.

BI goes on to suggest that the bog standard non-Edge Samsung Galaxy S6 will be “made with metal”, but can’t say if it’ll be an all-metal design, or simply adorned with a metal trim. A recent leak appeared to suggest the former.

And, er, that’s about the size of it. For what it’s worth, MWC 2015 opens its doors on Monday, March 2, so it’s probably cool to go ahead and write “Samsung Galaxy S6 launch date” on your calendar.

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