Samsung Galaxy S6 pre-installed apps to be removable?

Samsung Galaxy S6 pre-installed apps to be removable?For years, Samsung has endured criticism pertaining to its laggy TouchWiz UI, but all signs point to significant improvement on the imminent Galaxy S6.

We heard before that only a few apps would be pre-installed on the Samsung Galaxy S6, and this latest rumour suggests those apps that do appear out of the box will, in fact, be removable.

That’s the story over on xda-developers in S6 and S6 Edge Allow You To Get Rid of Bloat, with credit going to senior member Jeshter2000.

We’re told that “the new Galaxy S6 Edge (and deductively, the S6 as well) allows you to get rid of virtually all bloatware applications be it through disabling them like in previous iterations, or uninstalling them.”

The accompanying images show little minus signs above the calculator, S Health, S Voice, and Microsoft apps like Skype, OneDrive and OneNote, though it’s not clear if they’re merely renders as opposed to screenshots.

The problem with so-called bloatware is twofold (at least). Firstly, it eats up space on the internal memory. The Samsung Galaxy S4 in particular ran afoul of BBC Watchdog, when it emerged that only 9GB of the advertised 16GB was available to the user.

Furthermore, having unwanted nonsense running in the background is a drain on resource. Last year, it was demonstrated that the £100 Motorola Moto E was at times smoother than the £500 Samsung Galaxy S5.

Thankfully, Samsung appears to have learned its lesson. Down with bloatware!

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is released in the UK on April 10.

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