Samsung Galaxy S6 price: €749 rising to €1,049 for the biggest S Edge?

Samsung Galaxy S6 price: €749 rising to €1,049 for the biggest S Edge?Now that we’ve set the Samsung Galaxy S6 launch date for March 1, the next logical question is: what about Samsung Galaxy S6 price?

A fresh report claims to have full Samsung Galaxy S6 price details, and while nothing’s official just yet, historical pricing suggests these numbers could be on the money (pun intended).

We're perusing Android Pit, and an exclusive headlined Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S Edge price details emerge, with credit going to “a trusted source close to the matter”.

Shall we dive in? Let’s!

  • Samsung Galaxy S6 32GB price: 749 Euros
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 64GB price: 849 Euros
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 128GB price: 949 Euros
  • Samsung Galaxy S Edge 32GB price: 849 Euros
  • Samsung Galaxy S Edge 64GB price: 949 Euros
  • Samsung Galaxy S Edge 128GB price: 1049 Euros

Those sizes are pretty much as expected; we’ve been told previously that Samsung Galaxy S6 storage would start at 32GB.

As for Samsung Galaxy S6 price, well, that sits loosely with starting price for the Samsung Galaxy S5 in some territories last year, so we’ll sprinkle just a pinch of salt on them for now.

Again, we’ll get the full story on Samsung Galaxy S6 price and whatnot when the phone launches on March 1.

In the meantime, assuming the Samsung Galaxy S6 materialises as expected (emphatically top-of-the-range specs in a metal body), could you be tempted at those prices? And what about the costlier Galaxy S Edge? Would you pay an extra €100 for two Edge displays?

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