Samsung Galaxy S6 release date: March 22?

Samsung Galaxy S6 release date: March 22?We all know it’s launching on Sunday, March 1, but what about the Samsung Galaxy S6 release date? When can we actually buy it?

Well, according to this latest rumour, we can infer that the Samsung Galaxy S6 release date might fall just three weeks after launch.

That’s the word over on PhoneArena, which shares an internal Samsung communication about paid/personal time off (PTO). It’s not uncommon to see such communications around the launches of major flagship smartphones.

“Exciting things are just around the corner!” begins the internal memo. “An updated Time Off, Vacation and Sick Leave SOP has been posted to SES Connect’s document library to include the upcoming PTO Blackouts. We greatly appreciate the required flexibility with the blackout dates may fluctuate to align with changes in the business.”

The blackout periods run from March 22 to March 30, and April 19 to April 27. Reading between the lines, the Samsung Galaxy S6 release date could be on or around March 22. The only problem we have with that is that the 22nd is a Sunday, but, yeah, maybe it’s the day after.

Reading even further, that second blackout period could - maybe, possibly - account for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge release date.

A quick one-two launch-release punch would certainly be appreciated. Presumably we’ll find out for sure at the Samsung Galaxy S6 launch event, two weeks on Sunday.

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