Samsung Galaxy S6 specs: wireless charging and glass rear?!

Samsung Galaxy S6 specs: wireless charging and glass rear?!With the Samsung Galaxy S6 launch now just over two weeks away, we were starting to feel pretty confident about what to expect from the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2015 launch event.

But wait! If Samsung Galaxy S6 specs include wireless charging, does that give credence to earlier rumours of a glass rear?

The problem is, the Samsung Galaxy S6 is – or was – largely expected to have a metal body, somewhat akin to the HTC One M7 and One M8. It's something consumers have been crying out for for years, as HTC garnered tons of praise and Samsung toyed with faux leather and perforated designs.

Of course, wireless charging and metal don’t mix, so if the Samsung Galaxy S6 does support wireless charging, how the heck does the metal factor in?

One suggestion, over on G 4 Games, is that the Samsung Galaxy S6 could feature a slightly unorthodox “window” for wireless charging, which would obviously look a bit naff – for lack of a better term.

Alternatively, the Samsung Galaxy S6 could simply have a metal trim, and a full glass rear, inevitably bringing the Sony Xperia Z range to mind.

Well, that’s certainly thrown a cat among the pigeons! If the past few weeks are anything to go by, expect tons more Samsung Galaxy S6 rumours in the two weeks or so prior to launch.

If nothing else, it’s quite exciting that the Samsung Galaxy S6 isn’t quite set in stone, and we might even see a few surprises at the unveiling.

Again, it’s March 1 for the Samsung Galaxy S6 launch, at 1730 GMT.

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