Samsung Galaxy S6 teaser specifically says ‘metal’

Samsung Galaxy S6 teaser specifically says ‘metal’

A few days ago, Samsung fired out a Galaxy S6 video teaser seemingly confirming the presence of glass, and perhaps – not quite to the same extent – metal.

In case there was any doubt about the latter, a brand new video teaser specifically uses the word “metal” in relation to the “Next Galaxy” i.e. Galaxy S6.

Again, we’re pointing our browsers at the official Twitter account of Samsung Mobile (no longer “TheNextGalaxy”, incidentally).

A brief Tweet says: “One step closer to #TheNextGalaxy reveal at #Unpacked”, but it’s the accompanying 45-second video that’s of interest.

Voiceover lady purrs: “Tomorrow, metals will flow; beauty will be powerful; borders will disappear; reflections will be free; colours will live; the future will be the present.”

The general consensus is that the Samsung Galaxy S6 will have metal trims (not the all-metal design rumoured for several months) and a glass rear, the latter making wireless charging possible.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is all set for launch at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2015 in Barcelona, this Sunday - that’s March 1 for diary fans. We’ll also meet the HTC One M9 that same day, and not forgetting the Galaxy S6 Edge with its two Edge displays, and possibly the QHD One M9 Plus.

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