Samsung Galaxy S6 TouchWiz: ‘amazingly fast’, free Office 365

Samsung Galaxy S6 TouchWiz: ‘amazingly fast’, free Office 365Over the past month we’ve heard that Samsung Galaxy S6 TouchWiz will be simplified to “the level of Google's Nexus 6” and “slimmed down by a wide margin”.

To be honest, we initially thought the news was too good to be true, but we’re hearing a more detailed report describing Samsung Galaxy S6 TouchWiz as “amazingly fast”. YUS.

Credit goes to SamMobile, with the exciting headline: Galaxy S6 software will bring some amazing changes.

Again we’re told that Samsung will remove a bunch of pre-installed apps, instead making them optional downloads for your Galaxy S6. It’s not yet clear which apps will get the chop, but S Voice, S Health and S Note seem like likely candidates.

Having said that, the Samsung Galaxy S6 will come pre-installed with some new apps, most notably Microsoft OneNote, OneDrive and Office Mobile, with a free 12-month Office 365 subscription.

Still, performance on the Samsung Galaxy S6 is said to be “amazingly fast” compared to the Lollipop-rocking Galaxy Note 4.

Additional Samsung Galaxy S6 TouchWiz features include:

  • A keyboard that recalls that of the Galaxy Tab S, and the iPhone!
  • New themes
  • More colourful apps
  • Choose between 4x4 and 5x5 icon layouts for the app drawer

The Samsung Galaxy S6 launch goes down on Sunday, March 1. In the meantime, check out these guys:

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