First Samsung Galaxy S6 UK pre-orders underway, priced from £549.99

First Samsung Galaxy S6 UK pre-orders underway, priced from £549.99Samsung fans are currently in that slightly frustrating limbo, where the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge are a reality, yes, but not quite available to buy just yet.

If you’re eagerly awaiting the Samsung Galaxy S6 release date (April 10), you might fancy casting your eye, in the meantime, over the first selection of Galaxy S6 pre-orders in the UK.

Over on eBay, reputed seller direct4bargains is one of the first retailers in the UK to start inviting Samsung Galaxy S6 pre-orders.

Specifically, it has the white or black Samsung Galaxy S6 with 32GB storage for £549.99, or the 64GB Galaxy S6 edge (again in black or white) for £649.99.

Curiously, that’s only £100 more for the edge model, and an extra 32GB internal storage. Seems like a pretty good deal, but we’ll get more context as more retailers jump onboard.

Indeed, redirecting our browsers towards, they’re looking for £599 for a 32GB Samsung Galaxy S6, £699 for a 32GB Galaxy S6 edge, and £749 for a 64GB Galaxy S6 edge - £100 more than eBay’s direct4bargains. All three models are offered in black, white or gold.

In further Galaxy S6 news, the official Samsung site still isn’t saying anything about Galaxy S6 price, but it does throw in a brand new Galaxy S6 colour, namely, er, brown. Presumably that’ll be marketed as Brown Autumn or Gold Brown.

The UK is right at the head of the queue for the Samsung Galaxy S6, with the S6 release date now less than 30 days away.

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