Pebble blue Samsung Galaxy S III gets green light from Vodafone

Pebble blue Samsung Galaxy S III gets green light from VodafoneWho knew creating a new colour could be so difficult?

Just ask Samsung - it's been struggling to get the Pebble Blue variant of its flagship Galaxy III handsets out of the door, due to a production issue that saw 600,000 of the blighters have their casings destroyed and many more held back while Sammy looked into the problem.

Anyway, those lucky enough to have ordered one on Vodafone UK now have something to boast about with the news that it can now finally fulfill those preorders which were originally promised on May 30th. We're still within the 2-4 week timeframe that was promised, so that's all good.

Vodafone reckons both variants have proved popular choices with the S III faithful, with a 60-40 split between white and blue respectively.

"The response to the S III has been fantastic and anyone who's had to wait for their device won't be disappointed when they start to use it," Vodafone says. "We've sold tens of thousands of the S III already, and there are no signs of that demand waning any time soon."

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