Samsung Galaxy Tab 2: more details emerge

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2: more details emerge

Samsung's Galaxy Tab 2 is just one day away from its big reveal, and now some new info has come to light on what we've got to look forward to.

Sammy's using the evening before Mobile World Congress begins to get its blows in early, showing off not just the Galaxy Tab 2 but also the new Galaxy S2 superphone. We're looking forward to getting our hands on both, but while there's been plenty of speculation on the Galaxy S2, so far the Galaxy Tab 2 rumour mill has been curiously quiet recently.

That's all changed now, though, even if it is at the very last minute. According to sources quoted by Pocket-lint, the Galaxy Tab 2 will feature a 10.1in screen – which will be seen by some as Samsung conceding Apple has a point when it says the original Galaxy Tab's 7in screen size fell in no man's land.

As you'd expect, the Galaxy Tab 2 will also be thinner and lighter than the current model – despite the larger form factor – and the rear of the device will be all-black, rather than the current model's white.

One detail we do already know is that the Tab 2 will run Android 3.0 Honeycomb, a fact we're more excited about than ever now that we know more about Google's slate-tastic new OS. And of couse it'll also run a dual-core processor, like most of the new generation of tablets, and will reportedly have an iPad 2-shaming 8-megapixel camera on board.

Sounds good so far. And with the original Galaxy Tab holding the title of 'Best of the Rest' behind the iPad, it'll certainly be interesting to see if its replacement can reclaim the mantle – or even go one better – now that the competition has stiffened up in a big way.

We'll know more tomorrow.

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