Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 to take on iPad 2 skinny factor

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 to take on iPad 2 skinny factorA second teaser for the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 tablet has been outed on Facebook, and it looks like Samsung may have a skinny slate up its sleeve after all.

This after a senior vice-pres seemed all up in arms in the Korean press last week about how slim the iPad 2 is, saying Samsung might need to get back to the drawing board. Well, either the chap was pulling our leg, or Samsung draws very quickly indeed.

The latest teaser for Samsung's 'tweener 8.9in Tab repeats the vaguely annoying “What's your Tab life? 78910” slogan of the original reveal a week ago, but this time actually gives us a pic of the tablet in question, albeit a smokily dark “artistic” reveal.

And while it doesn't give too much away, one thing that is clearly evident is that the 8.9in Galaxy Tab is skinny. Very skinny indeed. So skinny, in fact, that the headphone socket requires a bulge in the tablet's profile to be accommodated.

Does that mean it'll be even slimmer than the iPad 2? Frankly, we haven't got a clue, but it's a promising sign, and we'll know the answer just two weeks hence.

And what does this mean in the light of Samsung's Lee Don-Joo saying the Galaxy Tab 10.1's “inadequacies” needed addressed in the light of the super-skinny iPad 2's profile? Likewise, we can't say. If Samsung already had this slender 8.9in number in development when the 10.1in Galaxy Tab was being finalised, why didn't we see some of those design principles rubbing off on the bigger slate?

So many questions. At least some of the answers will come when the Galaxy Tab 8.9 takes a bow at CTIA Wireless on March 22.

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