Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 is thinner than the iPad

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 is thinner than the iPad The official launch is expected later today at CTIA Wireless in Florida, but signage shots have already leaked online confirming that Samsung is indeed going to launch an 8.9in version of the Galaxy Tab.

We have PocketNow to thank for the snaps, as we now know a lot of the specs involved too, including the fact that at just 8.6mm it's even thinner than the new Apple iPad 2.

The new model may be a Galaxy Tab in name, but it's distinctly different to either of its 7in and 10.1in stablemates. For starters it's packed with far more top-end tablet tech than the ageing 7in model, and it's considerably sleeker than the 10.1in Tab launched at Mobile World Congress last month.

That 8.9in screen will have a 1,200 x 800-pixel display, like the Galaxy Tab 10.1. From the signage we know it'll also have a dual-core processor – most likely a Tegra 2 chip – and unlike its bigger-screened brother it'll feature a custom Samsung UI sat on top of Android 3.0 Honeycomb.

But the wow factor comes from that super-slim profile, which is matched by an iPad 2-thrashing weight of just 470g (versus 607g).

Sounds like quite a tablet. We'll be sure to update you with the full launch details later on today.

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