Three new Samsung Galaxy Tabs on the way?

Three new Samsung Galaxy Tabs on the way?It’s not even February, but already this year we’ve been introduced to the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2, three Samsung Galaxy Tab Pros, and the Samsung Galaxy Tab3 Lite (left). As such, it’s time for the South Koreans to take their feet off the gas, right?

Don’t be silly. A spanking new rumour suggests we might see as many as three new Samsung Galaxy Tabs at Mobile World Congress (MWC) next month.

Recently arriving in India for “testing and evaluation”, they are the SM-T530, SM-T531 and SM-T535, weighing in at 8in, 10.1in and 8in respectively.

The SM-T535 in particular is noted as having a “single SIM”, though otherwise specs are very much a mystery at this stage.

The inevitable question is: why? Why, having already announced five tablets this year, would Samsung announce three more? That’s pretty crazy, even by Samsung standards.

Well, one theory is that these might be the much-discussed AMOLED tablets. A rumour from December told us to brace for AMOLED tablets at – you guessed it – 8in and 10in.

Despite Samsung’s at-times-unbelievable prolificness, the only AMOLED tablet it's produced to date is 2011’s Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7. MOAR?

All eyes on MWC 2014, which gets underway in around a month. You didn't expect Samsung to turn up empty-handed, did you?

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