Samsung Galaxy S 'Value Pack' leaked

Samsung Galaxy S 'Value Pack' leakedSo, you know that Samsung Galaxy S value pack we've banged on about a fair bit recently? Well it's been leaked. Yep, ladies, gents and everything in between, it is now out there in the ether.

This comes after it appeared that Samsung had dropped plans to release the software after all.

If you're wondering what's value about it, we'll just give you a quick recap: basically, Ice Cream Sandwhich is on its way to Samsung's newer Galaxy Android line-up but Samsung had deigned to cut the Samsung Galaxy S out of the picture for the simple reason that it wasn't up to the job of handling the software.

Cue lots of angry Samsung owners who put that much pressure on the firm that it buckled and - whilst it didn't change its mind - it did come up with a compromise: give them the best bits. So, things like face unlocking, updates to the camera, new lock screen sounds and updates to elements like the browser, gallery and gaming.

So - lots of happy Samsung Galaxy S owners then.

Until Samsung then seemed to go back on its word and refused to give a concrete answer as to whether the value pack would actually be released.

You still with us.

Anyway, thanks to GSM Arena, you can now locate the whereabouts of the value pack and probably get yourself some ICS-style love if you're really after some. Usual disclaimers apply though.

Let us know if it worked for you if you're a Samsung Galaxy S owner in the comments section below.

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