Samsung Galaxy Zoom 2 touching down April 29 as Galaxy K Zoom

Samsung Galaxy Zoom 2 touching down April 29 as Galaxy K ZoomCast your filthy minds back 10 days or so, and you might recall Martin “Jimmy” James saying that the inevitable Samsung Galaxy S5 Zoom had been rumoured as the Galaxy K Zoom.

Well, the official invites are out, and it appears that the phone will indeed be some sort of Samsung Galaxy K. Kool!

Oddly, there was a Samsung Galaxy K (M130K) released in South Korea back in October 2010, essentially a variant of that year’s Galaxy S.

As such, we expect this new guy will be called the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom. Y’know, just to avoid any confusion. Ahem.

Anyway, yes, the offending tweet that inspired the above rambling reads: “Kapture the moment. April 29. Mark your calendars!” That’s from the official @SamsungMobile account.

“Kapture the moment” of course suggests some sort of camera action, while the deliberate use of a K gives credence to the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom moniker. Er, unless they’re just being all kool and European. Das ist eine Kamera phone! Or something.

Rumoured Samsung Galaxy K Zoom specs include a 20MP rear camera (a step up from the 16MP Galaxy S5, otherwise there’d be no point), 4.8in 720p display, Exynos 5 Hexa or quad-core processor (presumably depending on region), 2GB of RAM, and KitKat Android 4.4.2.

Thankfully, we've also been told to expect a thinner design on the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom, last year's Galaxy S4 Zoom being a bit of a beast.

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