Samsung gives a glimpse of transparent flexible AMOLED future

Samsung gives a glimpse of transparent flexible AMOLED futureOne of the next Next Big Things in mobile – and indeed all of technology – is flexible displays, whether they're simply lending more durability or being balls-out bendy.

We were recently told that mass production of Samsung’s flexible AMOLED had been delayed till 2013, but in the meantime we have a lovely Samsung Display video to chew on, giving us a glimpse of a Minority Report-style future.

I say Minority Report in the flexible transparent touch technology sense. It’s not clear if crack teams will swoop in to prevent murders predicted by precogs.

Where was I? Ah, so this Samsung Display video, hosted over on the Tubes of You, shows how flexible technology might be adopted in future.

Among other things, we have a transparent alarm clock, a paper-thin edge-to-edge tablet-style newspaper of the future, some sort of car-based windscreen UI, and a bendy watch with a touch interface.

There’s also the interesting concept of having one card, and swiping to choose the relevant details when making payment. Kind of an extension of the contactless payment concept. Sort of.

Realistically it’ll be yeeeaaars before we get to that stage, but suddenly I’m looking forward to being an old boy.

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Dougal1709  Nov. 9, 2012 at 15:39

How long before Apple take them to court for patent infingement over it?

KeithChegwin  Nov. 9, 2012 at 17:07

They're busy at the moment patenting the process for taking people to court


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