Samsung happy to have shifted 800,000 Galaxy Gears, but true demand seems low

Samsung happy to have shifted 800,000 Galaxy Gears, but true demand seems lowWearable tech is supposed to be the next big thing (or is it flexible displays?), so how about we get a sense of how things are going by taking a look at the sales figures for the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch?

Well we would, but it's easier said than done since two different figures have emerged simultaneously, one claiming the Galaxy Gear has sold an impressive 800,000 in its first two months, and the other saying just 50,000 have been sold.

So what gives? Well it turns out the latter figure, which arrives via Business Korea, is just for Samsung's home market, while the former is a global tally. So it seems Samsung has every reason to be both pleased and disappointed with how well its wearable gadget is being received.

Typically Korean sales have been a good bellwether for global uptake of Samsung's kit, as illustrated when better-than-expected local sales of the first-generation Galaxy Note phablet gave us an early warning that Samsung was onto a real winner with the big-screened blower.

Despite the apparent contradiction with the Galaxy Gear figures, however, it isn't clear whether the figure of 800,000 (reported by Reuters) includes returns, which are said to be as high as 30% with the Android smartwatch.

It's certainly tempting to look for flaws in the higher-than-expected figure, since reviews of the Galaxy Gear have been almost universally poor.

Our own coverage of the launch event labelled the whole affair “massively underwhelming”, since it arrived with only the Galaxy Note 3 supporting it in full, a situation only recently fixed.

Then again, with the Galaxy Gear having been thrown in as a bundled freebie with other devices, maybe that figure of 800,000 sold isn't that big of a surprise after all.

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JanSt / MOD  Nov. 19, 2013 at 16:58

Wearable gadgets, eh? Unstoppable

And as to the 'sales' figures: remember when Samsung proudly announced it had 'sold' (i.e. shipped) 10 million Galaxy Tab P1000?
Everybody pretty much agreed that they had actually only sold (to endusers) a million give or take. And only after networks discounted the thing.
Same goes for all, of course.
Argos, e.g., sell the Sony Z1 and they don't even advertise (here in Ireland) that you get Sony's smartwatch with it in the box...
Similarly, they sell 3 Samsung cameras that come with a free Galaxy tab...


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