Samsung heading for a merry Christmas with 300m sales figure

Samsung heading for a merry Christmas with 300m sales figure

Samsung looks like it's gearing up for a merry Christmas and who can blame it? The South Korean giant has seen its sales soar to the highest level in its history, with the final number set to hit a whopping 300 million by the end of this year.

That's up from a figure of 280 million last year, and it cements Sammy's position as the world's second largest handset maker based on volume.

There's no question that the Galaxy line of Android smartphones and tablets has been Samsung's golden goose. The range is going great guns at the moment, and most recently has seen the Samsung Galaxy Nexus launch as the Android Ice Cream Sandwich prestige device for Google.

The Galaxy S, meanwhile, kick-started Samsung's high-end Android ambitions last year and set up a strong foundation for the Galaxy S2 to build on when it arrived on the scene in February this year. And build on it it did: the Galaxy S2, which launched in the Spring, is still one of the best-selling Android phones today, and sales had pushed past the 10 million mark in September - and that's before the traditional upturn during the Christmas shopping period.

The handset also recently launched in the US and with a meaty marketing campaign seems to be the poster-child for Samsung's Apple-bothering ambitions both in stores as well as the courtroom.

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