Samsung goes healthy with apps and accessories for the Galaxy S III

Samsung goes healthy with apps and accessories for the Galaxy S IIIAnyone who has ever seen Dr Chris Steele on This Morning or Dr Hillary Jones on Daybreak/GMTV will know that if there is one thing GPs really hate, it's people who self-diagnose.

I know my doctor has often said the internet is the most annoying factor. And boy, is he gonna hate this.

Samsung's launched a new health app for its flagship Galaxy S III called S Health (because everything now begins with an S), and the idea is that the phone can connect to various devices like health readers and sensors so that you can track your own blood pressure, glucose levels and so on.

Then, you can call 999 or the all night locum at your leisure. Presumably using the same device that first intimated to you that you had a problem. How's that for cutting edge?

S Health was actually unveiled back in May when the Galaxy S III itself was announced along with a host of other devices, but of course, the eyes of the world were fixed solely on the phone and accessories got only a cursory glance from most.

Samsung reckons the device will be used by those with diabetes but wants to broaden it out beyond people who have a solitary known condition and have it adopted by anybody who just wants to keep an eye on their basic, important health stats like body mass etc.

There's also the suggestion it could help with weight loss and that's reinforced by the fact you have a physical device that you connect to your phone (via USB or Bluetooth) rather than just a weight loss app, of which there are many.

The actual app itself can be downloaded free from Google Play or the Samsung Apps store.

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eddyday  Jul. 3, 2012 at 20:30

iPhone has had this for many years.

Yet more pointless news from SamsungBot.

Pondlife  Jul. 4, 2012 at 11:32

Can't say I've seen an Apple app to do this, am sure there are a few third party ones on both systems.
This site is hardly a samsungbot they have multi format spam articles. Roughly 200 hundred ipad mini ones for starters.


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