Samsung and Intel bringing Tizen-flavoured goodies to MWC 2014

Samsung and Intel bringing Tizen-flavoured goodies to MWC 2014“Where the heck is Tizen?” is a question I’ve often pondered while looking longingly out of a rain-streaked window.

Well, Samsung and Intel have confirmed that they’re bringing Tizen goodies to Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2014 this coming February, though it’s still not clear when the first devices will actually launch.

Email invitations to Samsung and Intel’s February 23 MWC event are suitably vague, confirming little beyond the date and location.

Specifically, we’re promised “an exclusive sneak preview of the newest Tizen devices as well as an opportunity to learn about the major milestones that the Tizen project has hit since last year’s event.”

Yes, “major milestones” are all well and good, but Tizen was first announced way back in September 2011 i.e. two years ago. We need stuff.

More recently, the lovely Lee Young Hee promised this: “The Tizen phone will be out in August or September, and this will be in the high-end category. The device will be the best product equipped with the best specifications.”

Disappointment aside, Tizen might prove a viable alternative to Android, with some suggesting that Samsung might eventually ditch Google’s OS entirely in favour of its own effort. That’d be interesting.

MWC 2014 officially opens its doors on February 24, with the Tizen event going down the day before.

via: PCWorld

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