Samsung: We're not interested in buying RIM

Samsung: We're not interested in buying RIMSo, it seems that nobody wants to buy RIM right now. We've had rumours of takeovers and acquisition desires for months but the latest one was that Samsung was mulling over plans to take over the BlackBerry maker.

Well, not anymore, Samsung has issued a flat denial that it ever had any interest in RIM whatsoever. Which is unique because Samsung usually remains schtum. It really is a kick in the proverbial teeth for poor old RIM.

Let's take you back a few months and bring in BGR - as it was involved in this story. It reported back in January that RIM and Sammy had held talks. Samsung denied that the same day and said it had no interest in acquiring RIM.

But what's happened since is that the rumour re-emerged earlier this week and that led to RIM seeing its stock shoot up by about 14%, but now Samsung has once again come out and said 'thanks, but no thanks.'

Not only that, but Samsung doesn't even appear to want any involvement with RIM at all because it's even poured scorn on the rumours that it may have licensed the forthcoming BlackBerry 10 OS. But Samsung isn't interested at all.

Not that we can understand why it would be - RIM appears to be a sinking ship to a lot of people and Samsung is the world's largest mobile phone maker with massive Galaxy sales. It doesn't need RIM.

The question is - who does RIM need? And who will get it?


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Pondlife  Aug. 10, 2012 at 11:33

Well htc must have some spare manufacturing time as it's not needing to churn out so many android phones..
Not that they make cheap phones particularly well though


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