Samsung launches utterly pointless Galaxy Core Plus

Samsung launches utterly pointless Galaxy Core PlusThe Motorola Moto G announced yesterday is supposedly aimed at some of the sub-standard fare stinking out the budget end of the Android smartphone market, and it's hard not to think Samsung has just produced the perfect example in the Galaxy Core Plus.

Announced today in Taiwan, the Galaxy Core Plus is confusingly named, comes with mediocre looks and specs and has just about nothing worth getting even slightly excited about.

Harsh? Yes, but the Galaxy Core Plus gives us no choice. First, it's a Galaxy phone with a Galaxy name and generic Galaxy styling, so nothing to see there.

Secondly, the Galaxy Core it's apparently based on only launched as May, which makes an offshoot/variation/upgrade to an already unremarkable handset a strange move barely six months later.

Especially – and this is the truly surreal part – considering that the Galaxy Core Plus is actually a step down specs-wise.

You get the same 4.3in 800 x 480 display and 1.2GHz dual-core processor, but the RAM drops from 1GB to 768MB and on-board storage is halved from 8GB to 4GB. The cameras, for what it's worth, are the same 5MP/VGA combo found on the Galaxy Core Plus, but OS-wise you're limited to Android 4.2 Jelly Bean.

Plus, it seems, is the new minus.

Just what is the point of the Galaxy Core Plus? We have no idea, to be honest. At its expected launch price of around £170, there's bound to be plenty of competition, and not just from the aforementioned Moto G.

Is it really just about clearing surpluses of components not covered by existing handsets (such as the Galaxy Core itself)? It's one of very few ideas we can think of.

Anyway, it's apparently already on sale in Taiwan. Hard to see what we'd be missing out on if it didn't go any further than that.

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socialjeebus  Nov. 15, 2013 at 08:32

I can, somewhat, solve the riddle of this device deluge.


The want a reasonably priced phone, not absolutely awful specs and plus a brand name that their kids won't get bullied over.

Very sad but seemingly true.

socialjeebus  Nov. 15, 2013 at 08:35

To add, my brother-in-law (he works for Samsung) says it's also to satisfy the networks who find it much easier to flog a "new" device.

bilbob  Nov. 15, 2013 at 11:07

Yes, but why lie in the naming? Samsung do this, it seems, to deliberately confuse the market...
A 'plus' phone, that is actually worse than its name sake...

Only Samsung...


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