Samsung, LG and Pantech planning new 5-inch devices

Samsung, LG and Pantech planning new 5-inch devicesThey always say size isn't everything but we don't buy that. I've been telling people five inches is perfectly acceptable for years. And it looks like the South Koreans agree.

Samsung, LG and Pantech are all apparently planning on launching five inch smartphones in the second half of this year, according to our old friends at DigiTimes.

Samsung's, of course, is already widely expected. In fact, the Galaxy Note II is expected to come very soon indeed - probably before the iPhone 5, as we told you recently.

The idea here is that the sequel to Samsung's incredibly popular 'phablet' will bump the original 5.3-inch screen up to 5.5-inches, yet will actually be narrower overall thanks to a switch to a more conventional aspect ratio.

Samsung must be delighted at having shipped more than seven million Notes already, far more than most of us were expecting. Sure, it may be far less than the Galaxy S line but then again it's going after a slightly different market and is still a number many manufacturers would kill for.

As for LG, it reportedly plans to release its 5-inch LG-F180 later this year, too. It's going to have a quad-core CPU, 13MP camera and 2GB of RAM. Being an LTE device, we're not sure if we'll definitely get it here but it's nice to hope.

Pantech's offering remainst a little vague as of now, with just a revelation that a 5-inch display device is en route. And that's it.

Where do you guys stand on 5-inch displays, come to think of it? I don't mind admitting that I completely misjudged it and got this one wrong.

I reviewed the Note before it came out last year and just couldn't see how a device of that size would work since it seemed to fall down the gap between phone and tablet. Also, the stylus making a return. It seemed so bizarre. But I was in the wrong completely, judging by Samsung's numbers alone.

Humble pie, much?

Via DigiTimes

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