Samsung and LG to release flexible phones by September?

Samsung and LG to release flexible phones by September?For all the seemingly endless talk of flexible phones, and all the behind-the-scenes trade show demonstrations, the flexible future doesn’t seem much closer than it was when Mobot was born back in 2011.

For what it’s worth, our favourite eastern rumourmonger says both Samsung and LG will release flexible phones in the second half of space year 2014AD, possibly as early as September.

Yes, it’s DigiTimes making the claim this week, with credit going to Korean-language DigitalTimes, which in turn credits “sources from the panel industry”.

Samsung’s effort is tipped to come with a three-sided display, which presumably accounts for its flexibility; I seriously doubt it’s going to have a three-sided display and be flexible.

Incidentally, there was talk of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 having a three-sided display, but this guy is tipped to measure 5in diagonally, a good 0.7in less than the aforementioned.

As for LG’s flexible smartphone, it’ll supposedly have a 5in display and QHD resolution, making it one of the smallest – if not the smallest QHD smartphone. That’s 510PPI, we’re told.

Actually, hold on a minute; that doesn’t sound right. Yeah, I make that closer to 590PPI. Whatchoo talkin’ about, DigiTimes? To get to 510 we need to pump the display size up to 5.75in.

Fug this, I’m off for a salt sandwich. I'll leave you to digest the above while considering the immense success (ahem) of the Samsung Galaxy Round and LG G Flex.

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JanSt / MOD  Jun. 27, 2014 at 16:43

Aah, right, that is why all the flexible batteries are sold out in Tesco's


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