Samsung lining up 5in Windows Phone challenger?

Samsung lining up 5in Windows Phone challenger?Given Samsung's policy of “gadget spamming” the market with every conceivable variation of Android-fuelled Galaxy smartphone imaginable, it's a surprise the company hasn't adopted a similar approach to the rival Windows Phone platform.

But that could well be about to change, as rumours are gathering pace that the Korean firm is working on a high-end 5-incher for Microsoft's OS with similar specs to the company's Android flagships.

Samsung watcher SamMobile has been alerted to Indian import documents listing a mysterious Samsung SM-W750V handset as having arrived in the country from Korea for testing and evaluation purposes.

The screen size is revealed as being 5 inches, while the “W” in the model number suggests we're almost certainly talking about a Windows Phone handset.

There's even a price listed – or rather a claimed value: 33,245 rupees, which works out at about £330.

With no other details to go on, it's impossible to know just what Samsung's plans are, or what its mystery handset has on board, but given Sammy's market-domination position on Android, any move to step back into the Windows Phone arena will surely see plenty of interest from potential customers right from the start.

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krogothnx  Dec. 6, 2013 at 21:07

Galaxy s5 with equivalent Bada and Winphone options at 3/4 and 2/3rds the android price would be awesome.

It'll never happen, but would be nice for them to foster some growth in their oft-ignored ranges.


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