Is Samsung lining up a ruggedised Galaxy S4?

Is Samsung lining up a ruggedised Galaxy S4?As if there weren't enough Samsung Galaxy models already, a company executive has hinted this week that a ruggedised version of the flagship Galaxy S4 is being lined up to swell the numbers still further.

Samsung Gulf president Young Soo Kim spilled the reinforced beans at a conference this week, revealing that the beefed up Galaxy S4 will be waterproof and dust-proof, and could arrive in “the coming weeks”.

So says Middle East-based tech blog Techview, and the site openly admits Young didn't go into any further details, so it's all we have to go on for now. As you'd expect, Samsung isn't saying anything on the record.

But on the face of it, there could be more than a grain of truth here. Whether justified or not, the Galaxy S4 – and the Galaxy S III before it – are seen as very clever but a little fragile, so adding a version with a bit more muscle might not be a bad move image-wise.

That said, based on the precedent set by the Galaxy S III mini (and its soon-to-appear S4-based successor), even if the hardcore Galaxy S4 is named along similar lines (Galaxy S4x4, anyone?), there's no guarantee that it'll have anything more than a name in common with the mainstream Galaxy S4.

Which – I'm sure you don't need reminding – goes on sale in the UK this weekend.

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judgey  Apr. 26, 2013 at 00:13

Lets just copy anything we can!!


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