Samsung loses its grip on Indian tablet market

Samsung loses its grip on Indian tablet marketIndia is an incredibly important emerging market for smartphones and tablets, though we recently learned that Indian consumers were largely unimpressed with the overpriced Galaxy J1.

There’s further bad news from the former Jewel in the Crown, as IDC says Samsung is losing its grip on the growing Indian tablet market.

IDC reckons Samsung slipped from first to second-place in 4Q14, yielding the Indian tablet throne to local manufacturer iBall (great name!).

Behind iBall on 15.6%, Samsung claimed 12.9% share (down from 17.9% year-on-year), just ahead of DATAWIND (9.6%), Lenovo (9.4%) and HP (8.7%). Otherwise it was a bit of a free-for-all, with 43.8% going to ‘Others’.

The most popular tablets in India are 7in Android offerings, though there’s increasing interest in the 8-9in Windows sector.

Looking ahead, Samsung is tipped to be prepping a ton of non-flagship tablets, including the Galaxy Tab A and Tab A Plus, alongside the Galaxy Tab E and Tab J. Good lord.

If they’re anything like the smartphones with the same letters, expect the Galaxy Tab As to sit behind the Galaxy Tab Ss; the Galaxy Tab Es will be midrange; and the Galaxy Tab Js will offer entry-level specs.

Pricing will of course be crucial, but Samsung needs to learn that people are no longer willing to pay premium prices for non-premium specs.

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